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January 31, 2011

Dump trailer

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Homemade dump trailer I built for farm tractor, using a Gehl grinder mixer rolling frame the rest i built and has a two stage single action Hydraulic cylinder to use, was used to haul firewood and logs, had up around 2500 lbs on it, and dumps easy no problems, frame used to hold a ton of ground grain, and the mixer weight was around 2500 lbs, so it can haul the weight of whatever you can toss in it,

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    where can i buy a used trailer in the Los Angeles Area?

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    We’re looking for a 5X8 or even smaller, preferably enclosed, but not necessary. Thanks

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      January 29, 2011

      Is the Ford V-10 or Desiel, better for a work truck?

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      It’s a F-350 with a 8′ utility bed. I pull a tung pull trailer 90% of the time with a skid louder on it or a 16′ dump trailer.

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        January 28, 2011

        were can i find used stock trailers on the web?

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          I would love a Dump Trailer from BC Cargo Trailers.

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 Great Dump Trailer in action at BC Cargo Trailers Vernon BC.

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            January 26, 2011

            I need a 125k loan and have a credit score under 500. where can i go to get financed?

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            I am looking to get a dump truck and trailer and that is what I need the loan for.

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              January 25, 2011

              I financed a used trailer I tried to get the insureance to fix a leak but they will not. What do I do.?

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              The roof is leaking and there wa only a 30 day waranty on the house. The floor is also sinking in certin places. The waranty is up. Is there anything I can do? I was sold a lemon, and no one wants to take accountability for it.

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                loading a dump trailer with an excavator

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                using a Komatsu PC 220 to load broken concrete on a quad axle dump trailer

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                  January 23, 2011

                  Can a bent frame truly be fixed?

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                  I was rear ended pretty hard by a semi pulling a belly dump trailer. I was driving an 03 GMC Sonoma and obviously the bed is beyond repair. However, the owner of the trucking company thinks my truck can be fixed. I disagree because the frame hasn’t just been tweeked but there are 2 visible kinks in my frame by the passenger rear tire. So other then the frame being obviously damaged is there other damage i should be concerned about when they tell me my truck is fixable. i.e. transmission, driveline, diffs and axels, tire wear, ect..

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                    January 22, 2011

                    How many movie trailers has the song "Fame" been used in?

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                      Big Tex Dump Trailers, Tandem Axle Dump Trailer, 10SR-12X Dump Trailer

                      Big Tex Tandem Axle 10SR — 12X Dump Trailer is the perfect companion for daily small business hauling needs, cleaning up the back yard or perfect for small equipment hauling. This trailer is 6 foot 6 inches wide by 12 feet long and holds 5.7 cubic yards. The trailer comes standard with two 7 foot slide out ramps, End dumps and also in the end works like two barn doors, comes with 13 stake pockets, Spare Tire and Wheel. GVWR on this trailer is 10000 lbs with a payload capacity of 6660 lbs. This trailer is built with 12 guage steel for sides and single sheet of 12 guage steel is used for floor, four 5/8″ D rings which are mounted on the inside of the bed for tie downs for equipment hauling. Take a look at this trailer, it is one of the best built trailers in the market, this trailer sells by itself IT IS A BIG TEX. Don’t listen to me, come by our dealership and we will show you we do business DIFFERENTLY. IT IS A BIG TEX, I bet you won’t regret to buy a BIG TEX. IT IS THE BEST DUMP TRAILER REASONABLY PRICED ON THE BLOCK.

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                        January 20, 2011

                        RVs: Where can I get water or dump old water?

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                        Do I have to rent space in a trailer park? Are RV parks different from mobile home parks? Is it expensive?

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                          Ever used a trailer for hauling a wheelchair?

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                          Can you recommend necessary modification or specifications for me? I tried using a standard utility trailer but the bounce factor was just too rough on the computerized controls. I want something small that I can tow behind my car so I assume I will need to start with a basic trailer and get some customization. Ideas? References? Where to start?

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                            January 19, 2011

                            Dump Trailer

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                            My wife is buried deep in the bottom of those branches. She came home late last night smelling of Trucker cock so I beat her bloody with a flathead shovel. I woke up this morning lying next to the shitter covered in my own urine and her blood. I found her naked lifeless corpse stuffed under our single wide up here in Anderson. I called my landscaper buddy Rich up and he was making a noon dump run. I asked if I could throw her fat ass in his trailer and he obliged. He helped me lift her into the trailer and covered her with rose thorns and poison oak. She’ll go nicely into the industrial wood chipper at the dump. I hope I find a gold front tooth in the next bag of mulch I buy from my local nursery. I’ll know to sift through it if when I open it, it smells of fried food and trucker (that’s my wife’s trademark smell).

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                              January 17, 2011

                              how much if i knock down a trailer for someone to move it to the dump?

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                                Music that used (always) in the trailers??

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                                in the last of the trailer
                                there music with human voices that are usually used in many trailers

                                where can i get this kind of music
                                someone told me from church music, but there is only voices (not strong music) not that used in the trailers

                                thanks alot

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                                  January 16, 2011

                                  Wink Trailer Dumping a load of WET GRAIN…..

                                  This is the NEW Wink Trailer Dumping a load of WET GRAIN.. Anyone working in the Hauling field knows the difficulty of completing a wet dump..The Wink Trailer Does it with ease. Not only that but it dumps the entire load. No more Sticky Loads. This means more money for the driver and not to mention the FUEL SAVINGS….The Wink Trailers Aluminum Frame Design along with the Plastic bed makes this trailer Fuel Efficient. Thus saving the Driver money on Fuel Consumption. Also Increasing Turn-Around Times as well. This Trailer will pay for itself. It is INSURABLE unlike most all the other dump trailers available on the market today. visit on the web or call us today at Wink Trailer Corporation, Jimmy Wink, Phone (812) 649-2775

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                                    January 15, 2011

                                    I would like to know how to build a trailer.?

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                                    I would like information on building (welding, fabrication, etc.) a trailer (utility trailer, dump trailer, etc.).

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                                      January 14, 2011

                                      Whats techniques in trailers are used to make you want to see a movie?

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                                        January 13, 2011

                                        Side Dump Trailer 2

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                                        Side Dump Trailer, available at RECS Equipment Rental,

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