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February 28, 2011

approximately how many calories will i burn moving furniture?

so i’m helping some of my family move, and a lot of stuff is either being packed in to trailers or going to the dump about how many calories will i burn helping one other person move stuff like big pieces of wood, dishwashers, tables, etc. into the back of a pickup and then taking it out of the truck. We’re guessing their will be about 2-4 long bed truck loads, just curious cause i’m watching calorie intake and I run to burn calories

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    February 27, 2011

    PLG End Dump Trailer

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    PLG trailers are built tough with a reinforced floor, a front-mount telescopic hoist, and a reinforced cylinder base. Widest pivot hinge in the industry increases the stability of the trailer in dump position. Parker 5-stage rugged head lift hoist cylinder for maximum stability resulting in less body strain.

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      what is the name of this orchestral piece (often used in movie trailers/sports scenes)?

      it’s used all the time in movie trailers, but the only place i can find it is on this clip from the late show that aired last night. if you click on the link and watch the video, it is played towards the end right after the clip of the touchdown pass from the super bowl.

      if you could tell me what the name if this piece is, who the composer is, or what film it’s from, that would be awesome!!

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        February 26, 2011

        How to finally get over him? Please help?

        Im falling apart at the seams since my breakup. My problem is that its been 10 months since I last saw him… I should be over him now but I’m not. After he broke up with me, I didn’t really make that much of an attempt to reconnect with him. after all, he made the decision to end things, he must have had a really good reason why I wasnt valuable enough to keep around. I am still shell-shocked & confused. i can’t handle life anymore. if i see someone that reminds me of him i have slight panick attacks, anxiety. i cant breath or think, i just want to run away. he was never abusive in any way, it just hurt & confused me so much when he broke up with me. I felt used, much like when a man rapes & murders a woman and dumps her body in a ravine or garbage can. i feel utterly used and drained. im not interested in getting to know other men, im very sad and bitter, angry about what happened.on the one hand i fantasize about being with him again someday, but in reality i am terified of having any contact with him, because he has the power to hurt me & i know I couldnt handle being hurt more, im scared of what will be next for me if that happens, maybe an insane asylum…? I’m so hurt… I liken the feeling to standing with my back up againts a huge boulder… and a huge tracktor trailer truck comes barreling into me, smashing me into the wall. actually i think that would be alot less painful than what i am feeling… its been almost a year since we broke up and i think about him every day… every single day and nearly every single minute. im comforted remembering the good times, then i remember the times he hurt me (not deliberatly, he wasnt abusive at all… actually too good to be true. but I hurt when he did thinks like only sent a text to me on valentines day that said ‘happy v-day’ and nothing else, etc) and cry, and all the energy leaves my body. i cant handle life anymore. i cant really function anymore. im just empty now… i wish that i never met him. I HAVE a life… a job, hobbies, etc. So I’m not sure what I can do to finally heal…. any advice?

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          February 25, 2011

          where can i find a dirt dumping site in toronto?

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          i have 4 yards of dirt on my trailer do any of you guys know where i can dump it legally in and around GTA ?

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            February 24, 2011

            What are the songs played during the Julie and Julia trailers?

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            There is one song that stayed in my head, but I don’t know the title. Can anyone tell me the list of the songs used for the trailers? Thank you so much!

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              Three Way Dump Trailer by CAM Superline

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              One Trailer to do it all. Innovative 3 Way Dump Trailer. 6′ x 10′ Deckover Trailer.

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                February 22, 2011

                What is the quality of housing in Canada?

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                I’ve looked at some real estate online sites (BC, PEI) but unless one is willing to spend 0,000 +, the homes seem to be bland, too close together, old, even ugly inside and out. maybe I just looked at some agencies that had alot of low qaulity offerings? on one site (I think in BC) when I was in the 0,000 range most of the offerings were one story dumps, many of which were trailer park type homes. Is this the norm?

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                  Whats the trailer music used in Clash of the Titans trailer?

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                  Whats the trailer music used in Clash of the Titans trailer? Its sounds so great.

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                    February 21, 2011

                    Dump Trailer HD

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                    Short video made for MAC Trailer and their Dump Trailer. 2009 WebRiver Interactive, All Rights Reserved.

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                      February 19, 2011

                      What is the tax consequence of a Sale of Business Asset(s)? Which form?

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                      I recently sold my trailer mounted Tree Spade and my Tractor. I also plan to sell my Dump Truck and a flat bed trailer. After 9 years, I’m getting out of business.
                      All are old and fully depreciated. Do I put all income gained on the Schedule C without any additional Forms or Worksheets?

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                        How many FEMA trailers were used an how many were not…?

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                        used by Katrina victims?

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                          February 18, 2011

                          Dumping a Frameless Dump Trailer – from inside cab

                          The short version of “how to” LOL! For my friends that wonder how it works! Shot from inside my cab. Sorry the vid is shaky, but I DO have to concentrate on what I’m doing at the same time, haha! 05 Freightliner Columbia day cab, 38 ft Vantage frameless dump trailer.

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                            February 16, 2011

                            Does anyone else in here think the deep south part of the US is a dump?

                            I recently came back from my three week long trip to the deep south, I have lived there and I have family there. I stopped in Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana and Arkansas. To me it was a culture shock.

                            First of all, so many people down there were obese compared to the Northeast (where I currently live), interracial couples were not taken to well down there, it was heavily anti-gay, very very poor (saw a lot of trailers), too many bugs and snakes, and you know when they say "southern hospitality"? Well it is a complete myth.

                            If anyone else in here has been to the deep south or visited, do you think that it is a complete dump?

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                              Why do camper trailers cost so much?

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                              I have just recently started looking into buying a camper trailer, largely because living costs are getting ridiculous. So at a first glance camper trailers seem pretty nice, but the prices are a whopper! 10,000 dollars for 10 square feet? I don’t think so buddy! So, where do I go to get a good price on a decent, well kept, used camper trailer?

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                                February 15, 2011

                                051191 – 2007 MAC 30′ Dump Trailer

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                                  February 13, 2011

                                  My husband has just started a tree removal buisness and has several heavy equipment that we store at our?

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                                  families property which is a little way’s from here. My question is,is there a storage unit that can accomodate both a medium size dump truck and bobcat on a trailer. We are looking somewhere around on Glenwood Avenue, area code 27613 or 27612.

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                                    Does anyone know any of the songs used in the Avatar the Last Airbender movie trailers?

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                                      February 12, 2011

                                      Dump Trailer

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                                      Dump Trailer

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                                        Why would an infertile couple adopt an infant rather than use donor eggs and a surrogate?

                                        Did you hear about the singer Ricky Martin who is gay? He picked out an egg donor then had the eggs fertilized with his sperm and had a biologically unrelated surrogate mother gestate the babies in her womb. He got two healthy twin sons.

                                        Why do infertile couples bother to adopt infants when there are options like donor eggs and surrogacy?

                                        Using donors and surrogates……

                                        The baby’s mother-
                                        Using donor eggs– Is anonymous and the biological mother doesn’t have to endure any psycological trauma and has no emotional connection to the baby. The adoptive parents don’t have to worry about a birthmother showing up and breaking thier primary bond with the child. They can pick a mother who has had a through medical examination for heredity genetic defects, mental illness and drug use. The can view photos and pick a mother who is beautiful and who has a high IQ. All the egg donors I have seen in the catalogs are college graduates.

                                        The baby’s father–
                                        The husband of the infertile woman. His wife’s infertility shouldn’t make him infertile too, he deserves to have his own bio babies. This is often very important to men.

                                        The surrogate mother– A pre screened healthy woman who doesnt drink or use drugs. She has most likely taken nutritional supplements and her body is in optimal condition for gestating and birthing healthy babies.

                                        The adoption option–

                                        The baby’s mother– An immature irresponsible young women most likely from a Jerry Springer Show type of family. She will be extremly emotionally attached to her baby and is too immature to fully understand and cope with the boundaries of an open adoption relationship. Infant adoption is a catch 22. Mothers of good genetic stock aren’t screwed up enough to give thier newborn babies away to strangers…..If a mother is unfit enough to give away her baby she is unfortunatly not only unfit enough to parent but is also unfit where she shouldn’t be breeding and spreading her inferior genes. She is most likely a failure in school with a low IQ. I have read on adoption forums that if an adoptive couple checks off that they don’t want a baby from a birthmother who has smoked during her pregnancy that they will be on the waiting list for a long time….Birthmothers tend to come from families with drug abuse and alcholism. I have seen birthmother blogs and I have never seen an attractive birthmother. Most of them look like the trailer park white trash that they are. Ugly squirrely faces, buck teeth, obese etc. Birthmothers are deadbeat moms. Why would adoptive parents pay 30 grand for some loser’s baby?

                                        The baby’s father—Not the infertile woman’s husband but a pimply faced teenage horn dog who knocked up and dumped the birthmother. He is most likely a loser with a low IQ, history of problems with the law, and a drug and alcohol abuser.

                                        With donor eggs and surrogacy thier baby comes from a genetic legacy of beauty, health and intellegence and is born by the miracle of science and a strong healthy surrogate.

                                        With adoption the baby is born with a genetic legacy of underachievers, family abuse and irresponsiblity.

                                        If a young women is too stupid and trashy to raise her baby then I think she should just have an abortion. I don’t see anything wrong with killing embryos. The world is over populated and only the stupid people are breeding. I know infertile couples are desperate but please….. Next time you are shopping at Walmart look at the white trash there…. Pick out some random trashy teenager… say enie meanie minie mo I pick Y-O-U …. congratulations thats your birthmother! Do you want to raise her little crotch dropping? You probably wouldn’t even want to use the bathroom after her.

                                        An infertile couples best option would be IVF which also kills alot of embryos trying to get one birthed baby (no big deal) Then if that doesnt work then donor eggs used with a biologically unrelated surrogate mother.

                                        Why even bother to adopt? Why not use donor eggs and a surrogate? Is money the issue? Is it too expensive?

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