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April 29, 2011

What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve seen in public?

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A little while ago we (the baby and I) were watching the construction trucks working on our street. The dump truck operator hopped out, stood close to his truck where the tractor and the trailer meet, whipped it out and peed right there on the street. Now, we couldn’t see anything, but I was still in shock that he’d do that with people walking by and everything. I guess when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go!

So what have you seen in public that made you raise an eyebrow?

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    April 28, 2011

    What was the music used in the Goldmember trailer?

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    In the Mike Myers movie, Goldmember, what were the songs used in the trailer?

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      First Load of Wood with The New Dump Trailer

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      This is the first Load of firewood we got from James with our New Dump Trailer. The Boys just love doing firewood… Especially Milky Joe!

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        April 25, 2011

        Where can I get rid of a large stuffed animal?

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        I was given this large stuffed animal by this trailer trash man who lived in a trailer and apparently likes to molest/date underage girls in his spare time.

        I don’t want this piece of crap laying around here and I told my family member to get rid of it yet they insist i give it away instead of dumping it.

        What kinda place would take a large ( super large) animal?

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          Does anyone know of a place that sells used enclosed cheap trailers in ohio near dayton????

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          I’m desperate!!!any information would be useful

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              April 22, 2011

              TRO 0524105 – 1996 CPS Steel Dump Trailer

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              for sale by Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc.

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                how do i become a dump truck driver?

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                i wanna drive one of the rock haulers… a tractor trailer combination not the single ones…
                i kno the cdl part and the air-brake part but what is the age that companies will hire me???

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                  Is there a deduction for travel trailer used for business?

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                  My husband works for a company that leases his van and pays a monthly lease for it. All expenses are paid by the company on the Van (gas, battery, tires, etc). He works out in the oil field and bought a small travel trailer to stay in while on the jobs due to the fact that some of them are 24/7 for weeks. Is there any deduction for the trailer? He is also paid .00 per diem for meals & lodging. Can’t find anyone that knows exactly how to list it or if you would have to report any income. Help!

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                    April 19, 2011

                    GATORMADE DUMP TRAILER.wmv

                    Dump trailers Gatormade exclusive design. Its low profile will allowed you to get safety and smooth driving. Only available at Gatormade Trailers ! ! ! ! !

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                      what is this song, used normally in movie trailers, best answer goes the first person right?

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                      Ok the theme goes like this

                      Da da, da da da da, da da da da, da da da da da da da da da da da da, da da da da, da da da da

                      if anyone can tell me the song that sounds most like that, then if your right, you get the 10 points, but be quick, first one correct wins
                      robish27df gets the points

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                        Huw much does it REALLY cost to camp with a travel trailer?

                        my hubby and i are at our witts end with tent camping, and due to the economy trailers are going down in cost. we are seeing 2006 25′ foot travel trailers for like K! anyway, what are the real costs associated with this type of camping though? we know that gas mileage gets eaten up with them, and that the campsites are a little spendier than the tent sites, but can someone give me a realistic breakdown of other costs? dumping fees? generators? thanks!!

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                          April 17, 2011

                          Homesteader 614HX gooseneck Dump Trailer

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                          This is a Homesteader Dump trailer model 614HX gooseneck. This unit comes standard with a wireless remote key FOB. It also has a standard 12000# GVWR. To find our more about this trailer and many more Homesteader trailers please visit

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                            April 16, 2011

                            Where can I find a used hydraulic boat trailer?

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                            I’m looking for a used hydraulic boat trailer that will move a boat up to 28′ and 10,000# approx. Does anyone know where I can find one, cash in hand. I found a few that are too big, looking for one that is comparable in size to a Hostar 2800 but I will buy and modify a larger unit if the price is right.

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                              do i have any rights at all on this delemma?

                              our neighbors next door are running several businesses involving trucks..the 8 wheelers and dump trucks they leave on occasion in the road in a very quiet small neighborhood..but they also use pickup trucks that come and go at all hours..their make shift stone driveway is 10 feet from our bed room windows..this is not how the home was originally built..these people are loading and unloading..truck repairs..dismantling junk..boat repairs..10 feet from the windows..we are unable to use one one would be willing to buy this home due to the issues..and the garage they built is warehouse size on a small lot..the city does not seem to care.. we are in the suburbs..these trucks backing in sound like jets taking off and they have construction equipment that requires a 8 weeler trailer back into the is so ridiculous and the city just does not care how this effects us..don’t we have rights on this? i don’t want problems with the neighbors.. only the peace and quiet that should go with a backyard.

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                                April 15, 2011

                                If most new movies are pure crap, why do we always fall for the hype and dump nearly $15 just to see them?

                                If you had to pick movies by the trailers alone you could easily pick out a whole lot of crap films with the cream that you’d want to watch since trailers are edited down the only the coolest parts and show you just enough to sound intriguing. I refused to see Avatar as I heard often enough that the movie was only good for the special effects and the story was weak, but I had people getting on me for months to go and watch it. Paranormal Activity fooled me hard, that thing looked crap-your-pants scary in the commercials but was slow and plodding with semi-scary action only during in the last 10 minutes. Why don’t movie firms try better? I bet if people stopped going to theaters en masse they would start making some really top-notch movies to not screw with us….
                                Around here movie tickets are -ish and I factored in the drink or snack most people get. I just hide snacks bought outside in my jacket.

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                                  April 13, 2011

                                  Action\’s Dump Trailer Movie

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                                  See the latest in stock dump trailers available at Action trailer sales. Light duty and heavey duty models. Many option packages to consider. Call today.

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                                    Are there still any used FEMA trailers for sale?

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                                    A couple of migrant worker families want to live in the back of my property and are offering me 0/mo per trailer.

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                                      April 12, 2011

                                      Gooseneck Trailer?

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                                      Looking to replace my F350 dump and F250 pickup for one truck setup. I work masonry and would like to eliminate both trucks for an F450 with a pick bed and gooseneck dump trailer. I’ve never towed a gooseneck but have plenty of hitch balls. Is the gooseneck easier? Will be in some tight places at times???


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                                        April 10, 2011

                                        Dump Trailer

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                                        The last one was just too big. So I down sized to a 12 footer with barn doors. Best way to go.

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