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May 30, 2011

Best Built Trailers Inc.- Remote Dump Trailer

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    May 29, 2011

    Can I buy a used Dish receiver and dish for a RV? What do I need for it to work? Can I use a used card?

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    I would like to hook up a Dish receiver and satelite dish to our travel trailer using our existing account, but am not sure what I need. I have tried to call Dish network, but they are not very helpful. Can I just buy a used receiver and dish?

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      Does every one know that illegals are driving Semi tractor trailer rigs up and down our hi-ways?

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      Feel safer do ya? We had one turn over a dump truck the other day, thank God he didn’t run over some ones family. If they can get a Commercial Drivers License, they can get anything.

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        May 27, 2011

        Dump Trailers, Scissor Lift Dump Trailers, Big Tex Trailer Model 10LP-12

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        Big Tex manufactures trailers for all your needs; open utility trailers, car haulers, bumper pull and gooseneck trailers, dump trailers, equipment trailers for heavy or light equipment, flatbeds, landscape trailers with weed eater racks, vanguard trailers, lowboy, and trash trailers, bobcat…

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          May 26, 2011

          do you know if this is used on tractor trailers?

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          Basically a load modified to be more airodynamic.

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            JOHN DEER 110 series lawn tractor?

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            i am thinking about buying a john deere 110 series tractor with a dump trailer that comes with it for 800 dollars it is in good condition and only 3 years old would this be a good reliable lawnmower and is it a good deal? can you put a bagger on it to ? thanks

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              May 25, 2011

              Dump Trailers, Dump Trailer California, Big Tex Trailers Model 10SR-12X

              Big Tex Tandem Axle 10SR — 12X Dump Trailer is the perfect companion for daily small business hauling needs, cleaning up the back yard or perfect for small equipment hauling. This trailer is 6 foot 6 inches wide by 12 feet long and holds 5.7 cubic yards. The trailer comes standard with two 7 foot slide out ramps, End dumps and also in the end works like two barn doors, comes with 13 stake pockets, Spare Tire and Wheel. GVWR on this trailer is 10000 lbs with a payload capacity of 6660 lbs. This trailer is built with 12 guage steel for sides and single sheet of 12 guage steel is used for floor, four 5/8″ D rings which are mounted on the inside of the bed for tie downs for equipment hauling. Take a look at this trailer, it is one of the best built trailers in the market, this trailer sells by itself IT IS A BIG TEX. Don’t listen to me, come by our dealership and we will show you we do business DIFFERENTLY. IT IS A BIG TEX, I bet you won’t regret to buy a BIG TEX. IT IS THE BEST DUMP TRAILER REASONABLY PRICED ON THE BLOCK. If you have any questions or need a brouchere please contact us and we will be glad to help. We are A Customer Service Oriented Company with the attitude that Customer has to leave happy. I humbly request you come and see our complete inventory of Dump trailers. Customer Satisfaction is what we live for. For more information or to purchase the trailer please click on the below mentioned link

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                May 24, 2011

                How to begin a recycling collection business?

                I would like to start a recycling collection business focusing on apartment complexes. I don’t plan to sell the recyclables or store them, just to transport them to recycling drop off centers for a small fee to the tenants. Are there any particular licenses or certificates that are needed for this type of endeavor? I would be using more of a trailer rather than a dump truck so I don’t believe I need a commercial driver’s license. Any assistance, or where to go to find ideas would be appreciated. Michigan laws. And any tips on fees to charge?

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                  May 23, 2011

                  How to get a horse used to a trailer?

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                  This summer I want to do shows, I have an amazing welsh cob Sec. D, and he is a terrific jumper. The problem? He HATES the trailer. Just trailering him home, to get him INTO the trailer, he broke 2 halters. We had to use a stud chain and a rump rope with 4 people to get him in. My question is as stated above, how can I make it easier to load him?

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                    Is there anything I could do to my 1/2 ton chevy 5.3 L 4×4 so it would haul 6 ton trailer regularly.?

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                    I am going into a business where I will need to haul a 12,000 pound dump trailer approximately 100 miles a week. I currently own a 2003 1/2 ton chevrolet 5.3 liter 4×4 with a towing package. I like my truck and I don’t want to trade it in, but I certainly don’t want to wreck it or be a danger on the road. Are there any modifications that could be made to my truck, or should I just get a different truck. If so what chevy truck would be the most cost effective for my application.

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                      May 21, 2011

                      Where can I sell my used Honda Ridgleline trailer hitch to?

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                      I want to sell my Honda Ridgeline trailer hitch but I don’t want to ship it because it costs way too much. I was wondering if there was a website that would buy used car parts or if any one knows if a body shop would possibly buy it? Thanks

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                        May 20, 2011

                        Have you ever had a near-death experience? If so what happened?

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                        Me and my cousin were hauling a dump trailer full of rocks when it started fish-tailing. Thank God he was driving because the 1st thing I probably would have done is hit the brakes and the truck and trailer would have flipped over. We ended up going across the highway right between an R.V. and a semi truck and ended up in the ditch with 3 blown tires on the trailer.

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                          May 18, 2011

                          trailers, used 2 wheels?

                          Filed under: Info — kktrax @ 4:52 am

                          around a 4 ft x 8 ft, low rails with towing hitch.

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                            May 17, 2011

                            im going to be doing a BIG hauling job on the remains of a burnt down house. HOW MUCH SHOULD I QUOTE?!?

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                            im going to be hauling away the burnt remains of a house. im using a 1990 f150 lariat long box and a 16 foot trailer. its probably gonna take 2 or 3 trips to the dump. and it will take 2 dayswith 4 guys to complete it. just wondering how much should i quote the lady? her insiurance is paying it so it can be a little high.

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                              May 15, 2011

                              Can i use video games trailers for a video?

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                              Can i use video games trailers for a video and upload it to Youtube?

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                                May 14, 2011

                                What is the black smoke that comes out of trucks?

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                                When I see a dump truck or a tractor trailer and it has those "muffler smokestacks" that pump out black smoke, what is the result of that black smoke? What are those trucks burning that makes their exhaust heavier and more foul than car exhaust? I read that big trucks run on diesel – is that so? If the diesel was changed to biodiesel, would it change that black smoke coming out of the exhaust or would it still be the same?

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                                  May 12, 2011

                                  Can i use video games trailers for a video?

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                                  Can i use video games trailers for a video and upload it to youtube?

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                                    May 10, 2011

                                    Should I be embarrassed about my home?

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                                    I live in a 1960’s 2 bedroom trailer, and I’m 15. First of all, it’s just ugly on the outside. There are holes all in the ceiling, leaks, little mold, holes in the floor, and just plain ugly on the inside….. My room is so small I feel really chlaustrophic. I am embarrassed to get off the bus after school. Plus my yard looks like the neighborhood dump due to my irresponible stepdad. What do you think? I want to live in a newer trailer so bad.

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                                      May 9, 2011

                                      Please Help. Dont know what to do…….?

                                      I am a 13 year old girl. Right after christmas, me and my mom, younger sister, and older sister moved to one of my mom`s friends`ranches and since then i have been miserable, and depressed. There is nobody my age around here within and hour of driving, so obviously i have no friends….. i had friends but they all dumped me when they got the chance. I am overweight, self consious, and am also homeschooled ( which i think im failing because nobody, especially my mom, will help me ) I have a younger brother but he moved in with my dad a long time ago which really made me depressed because thats basically all my dad wanted when my parents got divorced- my brother. I only see him about once a month, and even then he doesnt really pay any attention to me cuz there are 4 of us kids . He lives in the city where all my friends and family and the high school i have always wanted to go to are and a couple months ago, my older sister went with my dad supposedly for a week or so, but has been staying there ever since and she is planning on staying there permanantly. So ever since then i have been left alone with my little sister in the half renovated trailer we live in. my mom is never here. I want to live with my dad, but every time i bring it up, my mom won`t talk to me about it and i asked my dad and he practically told me flat out no, with the same response coming from my sister and brother also. I have also looked into boarding school, which would solve all our problems,except we don`t have any money and im not smart enough or athletic enough for a scholarship, my mom doesnt want to go to work, so we live off of child support and money from the government. I basically have nothing good in my life except the thought that in 5 years, i can move away from everyone. I am constantly thinking of ways out, suicide, and am also about to start cutting myself just out of sheer boredom.I also have been trying to starve myself, so i wont be so over weight, but lucky for me, i always end up quitting. i have never finished anything .And also all the stuff i used to love, reading, playing video games,my dogs, horses, hold no interest for me. I know this will sound bad, but lately i have also been watching porn. I dont know why. I don`t like it at all, but i can`t make myself stop. I also don`t think therapy would be an option, my mom probably wouldnt take me, and i live an hour up a mountain, with no access to anything like that
                                      I really want someones professional opinion
                                      Please help……

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                                        What is that Song used in the Titanic movie trailer?

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                                        What is that Song used in the Titanic movie trailer that is not my heart will go on. I want the song used in the trailer. But i don’t think it has any lyrics

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