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June 30, 2011

Ford, Dodge, or Chevy?

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Ok here’s the deal my chevy truck got T-Boned a few months ago and im looking to buy another truck. Year around 2004-2008 and I was wondering which one I should get. I do alot of yard work and Debee removal so i need a truck that’s good at pulling, I have a medium sized tractor i pull around from time to time and im fixing to buy a 6x12x6 dump trailer and everyone has been telling me that dodge cant pull a trailer that big and ive always wanted a crew cab 4×4 dodge. But what im really here is for your opinion what do you recommend and why.

p.s i dont want a dully truck

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    2011 Big Tex Dump Trailer Model 10SR-12X

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    Big Tex Tandem Axle 10SR — 12X Dump Trailer is the perfect companion for daily small business hauling needs, cleaning up the back yard or perfect for small equipment hauling. This trailer is 6 foot 6 inches wide by 12 feet long and holds 5.7 cubic yards. The trailer comes standard with two 7 foot slide out ramps, End dumps and also in the end works like two barn doors, comes with 13 stake pockets, Spare Tire and Wheel. GVWR on this trailer is 10000 lbs with a payload capacity of 6660 lbs. This trailer is built with 12 guage steel for sides and single sheet of 12 guage steel is used for floor, four 5/8″ D rings which are mounted on the inside of the bed for tie downs for equipment hauling. For more information or to purchase this trailer please click the link below.

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      June 29, 2011

      Music used in Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailers?

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      Does anyone have a complete list of the scores(background music) used in all both of the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailers?

      Trailer 1:
      Trailer 2:

      Thanks in advance. 🙂

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        June 28, 2011

        the REAL towing capacity of my GMC Sierra plz help?

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        Ok, so I have a 2001 GMC sierra extended cab, short bed, 4.8 4WD. Now, according to the manual, I think it states that I could tow 7000 lbs. However, I want to get a dump trailer and sometimes, when the dump is full, it might weigh 12000 pounds. Now, does anyone know if i could (every now and then) haul 10-12000 lbs. about 20 miles to dump it? I mean, I could go slow. Is this something that would be really bad, or illegal? Most of the time i could probably keep the load at 8000 or so.

        Any help would be appreciated.

        I assume i would use the tow haul button and take it really easy, you know

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          June 26, 2011

          Is using clips from video game trailers illegal?

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          I was just wondering if it was legal, or if I would be violations of the DMCA, to use clips from game trailers to use in a video that would appear as the an introduction / promotional video to a site related toward gaming.

          If not, what guidelines are there?

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            June 25, 2011

            Can small businesses get any of the Federal Aid? Trucking Companies? Or is it just for the fat-cats?


            My father and I run a small trucking company that focuses on construction (i.e. Dump Trucks – 10-Ton, solid body dump trucks and a tractor trailer with an aluminum dump trailer) and we also transport shipping containers and flat-bed.

            Our primary customer has not had any work for us for going on 2 months now… Well, I’ll amend that… We had 2 days in December and 3 or 4 days in January and it is predicted that we won’t get steady work through them until March…

            Our secondary customer pays little and we are only making a few hundred dollars a run to go to the company… (On average 50% of the total for a run goes to the truck and then we pay the driver and then we have business expenses…)

            My father had to get a 2nd job to be able to keep us in our apartment…

            We have been on the verge of disaster since the housing bubble burst (Thanks Carter & Clinton…) and with the Credit Crisis, we do not qualify for loans that would keep our collective head above water.

            If we can just survive a few months until our customers can release their funds for the jobs they are contractually obligated to complete, we will be fine… But until that happens… it is an axe swinging above our throat.

            Can small businesses, which employ 50% of the people in this country, apply for part of the Bail Out?

            How on earth would one do that?

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              June 23, 2011

              Where can i find a used horse trailer in good condition?

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              I am saving my money up this summer for a horse trailer. And i want to find one that is near 2000 dollars. that is a 2 horse trailer.

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                June 22, 2011

                How do i calm my pony down?

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                Tomorrow I’m showing him, and I just found out that I’ve been to this place before. Last time I took him there, near our trailer was a group of girls jumping on a trampoline, which I find irresponsible on the kids part, if not the parents. This completely freaked my pony out, and I couldn’t calm him down when we got into the ring. We placed last in all our classes, and more importantly, he almost dumped me, and I was scared that he would end up hurting himself. While riding him, how can I calm him down?

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                  June 19, 2011

                  When I get around my 18 yr old daughter, I get so depressed. Suggestions?

                  She moved in with a guy who is 25 yrs old and has a child about a week after she graduated high school earlier this summer. He clearly is an alchoholic. My daughter just got out of jail for punching him in the face because she said he was hitting on another girl. My family does not act this way. We work hard and to be honest, she is putting me to shame.
                  My daughter has no job, no plans to get one, no car, no money, nothing. She lives in a dump trailer and is barely surviving.
                  I told her today, I want her to get her life together and go to college or at least get a job, get some clothes and clean up. She looks like trailer trash all of the sudden. Her hair is a mess, her clothes look dirty and she is falling apart. She told me " i am just like my dad and I have a bad temper and I dont take anything from anyone" and told me to get the $@(% out of her driveway. I left. It makes me sick to see my beautiful daughter do this. She has so much potential. Should I just forget she exist?
                  also, the child is not hers and the boyfriend is still married to someone else. My daughter has no children and as far as I know is not pregnant. She has refused to get on birth control and my insurance ends for her January 1

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                    June 17, 2011

                    What is the song used during the MGM trailers about all their films?

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                      June 16, 2011

                      semi truck tires?

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                      39′ east airide frameless dump trailer.the inside of the tires are cupping all the way around the tires.put new bushings in and aligned with kingpin

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                        June 14, 2011

                        used utility trailers birmingham alabama?

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                          June 13, 2011

                          wiring schematics for 1999 sterling dump truck for trailer?

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                          brand new eager beaver trailer and an 11 year old truck with no break lights and no running lights on the right side of the trailer how to get diagram for wiring

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                            June 10, 2011

                            Can a regular boat trailer be used for a canoe?

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                            I am looking for a way to transport a canoe and put it in water in the easiest way possible (as the kids are too young to help lift). I was thinking that a (cheaper) regular boat trailer might be modified with some tires to work for a canoe so I can use a boat ramp. Anyone?

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                              June 9, 2011

                              dodge 3500 stick shift……… help?

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                              alright i have a 1999 dodge 3500 manual and i was pulling a 16ft dump trailer full of roofing materials. i come out of a turn in 4th gear and start to accelerate my rpms go up but i dont actually speed up. so i pull over and it smells like burning rubber. whats wrong?

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                                June 7, 2011

                                How to get $ for well & used trailer & farm startup on property owned outright-iffy credit?

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                                  June 4, 2011

                                  what persuasive techniques are used in movie trailers?

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                                    Real Estate – Are there any laws in place when a home builder charges a premium for a home lot(& it's not)?

                                    I purchased a home pre-construction 2.5 years ago and was charged a hefty premium for my "so-called" premium lot. (It overlooked a park on the property of a VA Hospital). Now that park has turned into a dumping ground for the hospital. Just a few yards from my back door are huge piles of dirt, construction equipment, and tractor trailers. How much was the builder supposed to disclose to me when selling me the lot? Are they required to find out if the view from the lot will remain the same?

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                                      June 1, 2011

                                      What is the music used in the following trailers?

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                                      I just love tthe music.

                                      Sylvia (2004)
                                      Spring 1941 (This is an Israeli film. The music is just piano.)

                                      If anyone can let me know, I would be very appreciative.


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                                        Do you live in a dump, or a nice place?

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                                        Redcorn live in trailer, it nice.. have water damage though, rain fall through roof.. Also have many cheap tax-free beer bottles on floor, and a little trash… but overall very nice…

                                        What your place like?

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