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August 30, 2011

Turns in straight truck vs. tractor trailer?

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Hi there. I have some experience driving tractor trailers and am going to a road test for a dump truck job tomorrow. Does anyone know the difference between controlling turns in a TT and turning in a straight truck? I would imagine I don’t have to allow for as much off-tracking (and that a straight truck is probably simpler), but figured I would ask. Thanks in advance.

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    August 29, 2011

    Are there any movie trailers that use the song Indestructible by Distrubed?

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    I’m just wondering. I mean, that seems like the perfect song to use in a movie trailer. Like a war movie. If you know any movie that use indestructible for their trailer, please tell me.

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      August 26, 2011

      Is this the result of "assimilation" & free education for criminal trespassers?

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      This is how some show their respect for Americans.
      SO SW… Offline IM

      COWARDS! is what comes to mind…

      COWARDS… who only can ‘SPEAK’ up in cyberspace where they have no value to society!!!

      COWARDS.. who don’t have the courage to face a Mexican and say one word of insult…because they are afraid they would get their face SMASHED in!!!

      COWARDS….who are born to INCEST….who do not know if their mother is their aunt or if their father is their uncle!!!!

      COWARDS…who have never set foot outside their TRAILER DUMP block and see what life is really about!!!!

      COWARDS….who are unaware of the real deal of what’s going on and too AFRAID to accept the truth.

      COWARDS…who are blind to the fact that the Hispanic community is on a fast pace to dominance!!!!!

      OOOOOOoooooooohhhh!!! I can’t wait….to see you YELLA BELLIES hightail it out your once ‘ALL-WHITE’ neighborhoods…….oh….wait a minute…’s already happening! Go my Hispanic friends….take over!

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        Are jet ski trailers brand specific?

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        I have a Yamaha Wave runner and I am looking for a used trailer. Will any brand work or do I have to specifically get a Yamaha trailer? If anybody has anything in the Tulsa, Ok or surrounding areas, that would be helpful. Thanks.

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          August 23, 2011

          What is the style of lettering used in the MGS4 trailer?

          What is the style of lettering used in the Metal gear solid 4 trailer? they use it to list all of the characters names as well as toward the start when it says a hideo kojima game. i’m very intrested in using this style if i can find the name of it. 🙂

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            a 320 foot skid mark question?

            This is an actual event that happened in June 2011. I’m not sure whether it is possible to get an exact speed or not but I would like to at least get an approximation. Assuming the ground is level, the road is in good condition and the weather is good. A tandam tractor trailer (it was hauling empty dump trailers) is travelling on a highway. It skids 320 feet before plowing into a train causing an instant explosion. It came to rest half way into the train car. How fast was the truck travelling?

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              August 20, 2011

              used boat trailers wanted?

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                How can a selfish, High school Dropout, living in a trailer Park, dump and welfare Republican become rich?

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                Liberals keep telling America that GOP is the party for the rich.

                So I just like to know how??

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                  August 17, 2011

                  Where is the easiest place to find a used horse trailer?

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                  I would rather buy one through a private seller so I don’t have to pay tax. I am looking for a Gooseneck and I live in AZ. I am willing to travel a little but not a ridiculous amount.

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                    Dump bed with a gooseneck?

                    I have a 99 Dodge Ram 2500 long bed that dumps. I have a fifth wheel horse trailer and I was told I can’t get a gooseneck or fifth wheel on my bed because it dumps. Is this true?
                    Thanks for your time and responses


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                      August 16, 2011

                      What do you think of Violent Mexican drug gang taking control of migrant smuggling?

                      ARRIAGA, Mexico — One of Mexico’s most powerful criminal gangs has muscled into the migrant-smuggling racket, changing what had been a relatively benign if risky industry of independent operators into a centralized business that often has deadly consequences for those who try to operate outside it.

                      Los Zetas, who earned a reputation for brutality by gunning down thousands of Mexicans in the battle for drug-smuggling routes to the United States, now control much of the illicit trade of moving migrant workers toward the U.S. border, experts in the trade say.

                      They’ve brought logistical know-how, using tractor-trailer trucks to carry ever larger loads of people and charging higher prices, as much as ,000 per head for migrants from Asia and Africa who seek to get to the United States.

                      They’ve also brought an unprecedented level of intimidation and violence to the trade. Los Zetas or their allies often kidnap and hold for ransom poor migrants who try to operate outside the system. If relatives don’t wire payment, the migrants sometimes are executed and dumped in mass graves or press-ganged into jobs with the criminal group.

                      Nearly a year ago, Zetas gunmen were implicated in the slaughter of 72 migrants at a ranch near San Fernando in Tamaulipas state, barely an hour and a half drive from Brownsville, Texas.

                      Other mass graves discovered in northern Mexico also may be the work of Los Zetas pushing to control smuggling to the United States.

                      Alejandro Solalinde, an activist Roman Catholic priest who runs a migrant shelter in the town of Ixtepec, in Mexico’s Oaxaca state, said Los Zetas had been merciless with migrants.

                      "Los Zetas control the trafficking of persons," he said. "They are crueler and kill more easily. … They are voracious. They ask for more and more and more money."

                      Even with an apparent drop in the numbers of migrants moving through Mexico, people smuggling is a huge business.

                      Read more:

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                        August 14, 2011

                        Where to buy used cargo trailer in Missouri?

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                        I am in need of a 8 – 12 foot enclosed trailer for my tools, etc. to keep in one place dry. Dont want to spend 3 or 4000, just need a good used one, Any one know if their is a place around Springfield Missouri that sells used ones?

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                          Someone illegally dumped a tractor trailer's worth of tires on my rural property.?

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                          I can not afford to pay someone to remove them. I need some ideas on how to sell these tires. I need to find a company that will pick up and recycles these old (?)tires and pay me for this huge amount or tires.

                          Please, Is there anyone out there that can help me?

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                            August 12, 2011

                            Bobcat S175 Loading a dump trailer

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                            Trying to load my trailer with this POS rental bobcat…

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                              August 11, 2011

                              Truck Driver/Dump Truck Operation laws in PA?

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                              The other day while traveling on a main road to the store, a dump truck with a trailer on the back pulled out from a side road onto the main road in front of a SUV 2 cars ahead of me. Since large trucks take a while to gain speed and especially if its to go up a steep road on the mountain…. Someone is telling me its OK for the dump truck driver to cut off drivers and proceed onto a road. It did not have anything in the back nor a construction sign, etc. A guy that is a truck driver said it was ok for the dump truck to pull out. This is in PA. Is that really true?

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                                August 10, 2011

                                What are the most used 5 music theme in movie trailers? Besides "Requiem for a dream"?

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                                I consider "Requiem for a dream" as a masterpiece.

                                Maybe 2012 trailer’s theme can also join top 5, but I’m wondering what are the most USED 5 trailer themes. I know for sure "Requiem for a dream" is one of these 🙂

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                                  August 9, 2011

                                  Flaman Trailers – 2011 Dump Trailer Lineup

                                  Steve Whittington takes us on a tour through Flaman’s 2011 dump trailer lineup!

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                                    August 8, 2011

                                    Battery will not charge on dump trailer while connected to vehicle?

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                                    It is a PJ Dump Trailer and is hooked up to a Ford E-350 van. It has the fuse relay for charging trailer batteries and it is good. The fuse in the fuse box is also good. When I put a voltage meter to the van end of the plug, its putting out 13.0 volts. So the van is working. For some reason, it will not charge the battery in the dump trailer. The battery is a Marine Deep Cycle by Interstate.

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                                      August 7, 2011

                                      Where can I buy the snap-on switch plate covers used in Airstream trailers?

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                                      I need to replace a black, plastic switch cover that has lettering at top of face to indicate: indirect, patio and ceiling switches (this is a 3 switch cover).

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                                        August 5, 2011

                                        There is a movie I am trying to find but I cannot remember the title only the trailer I am hoping someone can?

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                                        help. Its about a teen whose body is dumped in the forest and now he is a ghost that is around his high school trying to get people’s attention. I believe that he is still alive but is dying and his girlfriend is the only one who can hear him. I know its not much but I hope someone can help me figure it out. It is a little bit older of a movie.

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