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May 3, 2010

Do Follow KeywordLuv

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This site is a WordPress site and we’re running Do Follow, Top Commenters, KeywordLuv and Comment Luv, so if you make any good comments here you will be richly rewarded by one or two, or possibly many more high quality, targeted links back to your own blog or website!

The home page gets the most hits, and will build greater Google Page ranking over time, so we highly recommend that you leave a post on the homepage article.

And please leave decent quality comments only, all comments left on the site are regularly moderated, and only good ones will be published as they genuinely contribute to the quality of this site. By good comments just talk about the article and perhaps a paragraph or two offering your opinion. Bad comments are just ‘nice blog’ or ‘great post!’and comments along those lines.

Thanks and enjoy the site!

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