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June 19, 2011

When I get around my 18 yr old daughter, I get so depressed. Suggestions?

She moved in with a guy who is 25 yrs old and has a child about a week after she graduated high school earlier this summer. He clearly is an alchoholic. My daughter just got out of jail for punching him in the face because she said he was hitting on another girl. My family does not act this way. We work hard and to be honest, she is putting me to shame.
My daughter has no job, no plans to get one, no car, no money, nothing. She lives in a dump trailer and is barely surviving.
I told her today, I want her to get her life together and go to college or at least get a job, get some clothes and clean up. She looks like trailer trash all of the sudden. Her hair is a mess, her clothes look dirty and she is falling apart. She told me " i am just like my dad and I have a bad temper and I dont take anything from anyone" and told me to get the $@(% out of her driveway. I left. It makes me sick to see my beautiful daughter do this. She has so much potential. Should I just forget she exist?
also, the child is not hers and the boyfriend is still married to someone else. My daughter has no children and as far as I know is not pregnant. She has refused to get on birth control and my insurance ends for her January 1

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