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August 27, 2012

F250 diesel towing tree in dump trailer.

First and fore most sorry that this video looks like crap my camara was not set on auto adjust so it turned out blue. I had a load of trees on my 2006 F250. When i first started to take off you can hear the motor rev some the truck was just spinning so i switched it into 4 high. There was so much weight in the dump trailer that the breaks overheated on the trailer and my brake controller would keep turning off. Overall i am happy with how the truck handles a load i use it like a truck should be heavy loads. Will try to get more videos soon as i am always hauling firewood and gravel and sand. Maybe i can get a better video as far as sound goes when i can roll down the windows so you can hear the turbo with the dual 5 inch straight pipes it sounds like a big rig especially when engine breaking. Thanks for watching and please subscribe

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    November 22, 2011

    story on my green dump trailer

    only 4 vids left to post in this crap quality with the bars on the sides sorry peeps some explanation om my green dump trailer at the bone yard

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      September 2, 2011

      TEXAS PRIDE 7′ x 12′ DUMP TRAILER @ Montgomery Truck Sales Inc

      Filed under: Info — Tags: , , , , , , , , , — kktrax @ 7:13 pm 24″ Sides, 2-7000# Axles With Elec. Brakes On Back Axle, Elec. Hydraulic Ram’s With Remote, 7000# Tongue Jack, Safty Chains, Breakaway, Metal Boxes Around Lights, Swinging Barn Door Gate. We offer financing on this trailer! (WAC) Finance decision within 15 minutes! Call for a credit application. Trailers can be shipped anywhere in the continental US for .25 per mile one way. Go to and put in your zip code and ours (77304) in order to calculate the mileage. Provided by http

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        August 11, 2011

        Truck Driver/Dump Truck Operation laws in PA?

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        The other day while traveling on a main road to the store, a dump truck with a trailer on the back pulled out from a side road onto the main road in front of a SUV 2 cars ahead of me. Since large trucks take a while to gain speed and especially if its to go up a steep road on the mountain…. Someone is telling me its OK for the dump truck driver to cut off drivers and proceed onto a road. It did not have anything in the back nor a construction sign, etc. A guy that is a truck driver said it was ok for the dump truck to pull out. This is in PA. Is that really true?

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          January 5, 2011

          People squatting on the property I rent in California.?

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          So I am renting a house on a property with 3 units, 1 house in the back and a duplex in the front. And in the basement of the duplex is a squatter and her friends. Problem is the squatter is the landlord (slumlord)’s daughter and she is a known meth addict, and he is not really doing much to get rid of her, even though all the real tenants on the property are complaining to him about this. I have called the police and made reports about her and I have talked to my landlord about his daughter and now have even resorted to taking pictures of the things going on there.. My house has had mail stolen and there is always creepy people hanging around my property. Unfortunately in California if a squatter takes up residency in a building for more then 30 days they are a legal tenant and in order to get rid of them they have to be evicted like any tenant that pays rent. But like I said my landlord is not really doing anything about it.
          I just went outside to put the garbage out and in the street right now is one of the squatters tweaker friends working on a truck and trailer in the street and I am just plain tired of this. I just called the police again to report this guy working on the car and they said they would come by because in the county I live in you cant work on cars in the street.

          Now I am just plain tired of this crap, they bring loads of trash around and do bad things. In the basement they are squatting there is no bath room or shower, which means they are using a bucket to go to the bathroom which means there is human waste being dumped somewhere on the property. Can someone please tell me if there is anything I can do about this! I am fed up!
          sadly this is nothing new for the police in my city! It is after all a very crime ridden city. I called the police about half an hour ago and asked them to call me when they come, but i have no heard anything back yet. this sucks

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          December 30, 2010

          is this normal to feel this way? Is it normal for people to do this to eachother?

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          I can’t stand most people. I feel that they are nothing like me. I am so kind and giving. I give money to my family when they need it and I help friends when they are in the dumps. For example, i let my older friend 56 drive one of my cars because she needed a car or she was going to lose her job. I paid for some of her wedding. Then she stole my cool aid pitcher out of my house and some bread when I let you watch my dog while I was gone out of town sometimes.
          Can you believe it!! Then my sisters in NY lie to get my money. They say it’s for christmas for their kids for christmas but then they go out to eat with it and things. I feel like why, do I get treated this way. yes, I am feeling sorry for myself and I have every reason to. My mother lies to me to get my money tells me her loser boyfriend is out of the picture so i can buy her a trailer to live in because she can’t take care of herself then moves her in.
          my family never calls me. All the money I sent them from fl to ny all i get in text messages I am so mad!!! My real father doesnt’ call me and is mad at me for not taking him to my wedding when I got married but yet he never bothered w me.
          I feel like i get dumped on by everyone and shitted on. my husband sits around while I play the man of the house and take care of everything. I can’t remember the last time he took me to dinner on his money. My friend that I let her use my car that stole from me can you believe it!!! and says, oh, i dont’ hang out with you because you talk too much that is why i hang out with my other friend.

          but, she will come over with her husband

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          November 14, 2010

          Anti-Tipping Device, Exclusive Design by “WINK”

          Today , through extensive research and development, Jimmy Wink has developed the next generation of half round and square dump trailers. This new concept is unique because it combines two proven materials, aluminum and plastic.This new composite design has taken an additional 1000 pounds out of the lightest half round and/or square dump trailer currently being built and sold by allowing the plastic to take the place of aluminum sheet and redesigning the aluminum extrusions to provide all the necessary strength. This concept is going to revolutionize this industry, having the same impact as aluminum did when it replaced the traditional steel trailers. This composite design has several advantages in addition to the lighter empty weight. This unique design will help reduce the cost of operation such as insurance cost (because it will cost less to repair), replacement cost to replace the wear part (liner), fuel efficiency and durability. The current all aluminum trailer design cost 000 – 000 to repair in a tip over accident. This new composite design will allow section repair of the aluminum skeleton without the need to replace the expensive sheets that make up the sides, which are very labor intense. This new composite design will greatly reduce the cost of tip over by up to 50 percent. It will no longer need any side sheet replacement because the plastic will flex in a tip over and will most likely not need repairing. However, this plastic can be repaired through a

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