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April 15, 2011

If most new movies are pure crap, why do we always fall for the hype and dump nearly $15 just to see them?

If you had to pick movies by the trailers alone you could easily pick out a whole lot of crap films with the cream that you’d want to watch since trailers are edited down the only the coolest parts and show you just enough to sound intriguing. I refused to see Avatar as I heard often enough that the movie was only good for the special effects and the story was weak, but I had people getting on me for months to go and watch it. Paranormal Activity fooled me hard, that thing looked crap-your-pants scary in the commercials but was slow and plodding with semi-scary action only during in the last 10 minutes. Why don’t movie firms try better? I bet if people stopped going to theaters en masse they would start making some really top-notch movies to not screw with us….
Around here movie tickets are -ish and I factored in the drink or snack most people get. I just hide snacks bought outside in my jacket.

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    February 1, 2011

    My daughter is giving me anxiety again. How can I quit this constant worry?

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    She is the one who graduated high school, moved out in 5 days with a 26 yr old married man with a child. She has been barely surviving with nothing to live on. No food, no car, no money, no dental or medical since May. She has no job.
    Today when I got the mail, I recieved a gas bill in her name at my home. Its 8 bucks. The gas company told me she asked for it to be mailed to my home and I promptly told them NO WAY! She apparently has had all of his utilities hooked up in her name.
    She is so immature, its nearly impossible to explain anything to her. Now on top of everything else, she is ruining her credit before she even has her 1st full time job. This crap makes me sick.
    Her "boyfriend" has pulled a slick one on her and she is so naive she cannot see the leaves for the trees. He lives in a dump trailer his parents own. No bills for him. I tried to find her today to tell her a bill collector was sending her mail to my house too. What on earth is she thinking?

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      January 5, 2011

      People squatting on the property I rent in California.?

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      So I am renting a house on a property with 3 units, 1 house in the back and a duplex in the front. And in the basement of the duplex is a squatter and her friends. Problem is the squatter is the landlord (slumlord)’s daughter and she is a known meth addict, and he is not really doing much to get rid of her, even though all the real tenants on the property are complaining to him about this. I have called the police and made reports about her and I have talked to my landlord about his daughter and now have even resorted to taking pictures of the things going on there.. My house has had mail stolen and there is always creepy people hanging around my property. Unfortunately in California if a squatter takes up residency in a building for more then 30 days they are a legal tenant and in order to get rid of them they have to be evicted like any tenant that pays rent. But like I said my landlord is not really doing anything about it.
      I just went outside to put the garbage out and in the street right now is one of the squatters tweaker friends working on a truck and trailer in the street and I am just plain tired of this. I just called the police again to report this guy working on the car and they said they would come by because in the county I live in you cant work on cars in the street.

      Now I am just plain tired of this crap, they bring loads of trash around and do bad things. In the basement they are squatting there is no bath room or shower, which means they are using a bucket to go to the bathroom which means there is human waste being dumped somewhere on the property. Can someone please tell me if there is anything I can do about this! I am fed up!
      sadly this is nothing new for the police in my city! It is after all a very crime ridden city. I called the police about half an hour ago and asked them to call me when they come, but i have no heard anything back yet. this sucks

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