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March 29, 2011

Garbage Dump Trailer

This is the only one of its kind in the world. It raises 11 1/2 feet, and dumpsters rolloff or dump. It has two 20 yard containers, dual rams, hydraulic dish brakes, honda motor and 15000 lb winch. For Sale Call Pete: 480 969 3104 or email me at:

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    February 26, 2011

    How to finally get over him? Please help?

    Im falling apart at the seams since my breakup. My problem is that its been 10 months since I last saw him… I should be over him now but I’m not. After he broke up with me, I didn’t really make that much of an attempt to reconnect with him. after all, he made the decision to end things, he must have had a really good reason why I wasnt valuable enough to keep around. I am still shell-shocked & confused. i can’t handle life anymore. if i see someone that reminds me of him i have slight panick attacks, anxiety. i cant breath or think, i just want to run away. he was never abusive in any way, it just hurt & confused me so much when he broke up with me. I felt used, much like when a man rapes & murders a woman and dumps her body in a ravine or garbage can. i feel utterly used and drained. im not interested in getting to know other men, im very sad and bitter, angry about what happened.on the one hand i fantasize about being with him again someday, but in reality i am terified of having any contact with him, because he has the power to hurt me & i know I couldnt handle being hurt more, im scared of what will be next for me if that happens, maybe an insane asylum…? I’m so hurt… I liken the feeling to standing with my back up againts a huge boulder… and a huge tracktor trailer truck comes barreling into me, smashing me into the wall. actually i think that would be alot less painful than what i am feeling… its been almost a year since we broke up and i think about him every day… every single day and nearly every single minute. im comforted remembering the good times, then i remember the times he hurt me (not deliberatly, he wasnt abusive at all… actually too good to be true. but I hurt when he did thinks like only sent a text to me on valentines day that said ‘happy v-day’ and nothing else, etc) and cry, and all the energy leaves my body. i cant handle life anymore. i cant really function anymore. im just empty now… i wish that i never met him. I HAVE a life… a job, hobbies, etc. So I’m not sure what I can do to finally heal…. any advice?

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      January 5, 2011

      People squatting on the property I rent in California.?

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      So I am renting a house on a property with 3 units, 1 house in the back and a duplex in the front. And in the basement of the duplex is a squatter and her friends. Problem is the squatter is the landlord (slumlord)’s daughter and she is a known meth addict, and he is not really doing much to get rid of her, even though all the real tenants on the property are complaining to him about this. I have called the police and made reports about her and I have talked to my landlord about his daughter and now have even resorted to taking pictures of the things going on there.. My house has had mail stolen and there is always creepy people hanging around my property. Unfortunately in California if a squatter takes up residency in a building for more then 30 days they are a legal tenant and in order to get rid of them they have to be evicted like any tenant that pays rent. But like I said my landlord is not really doing anything about it.
      I just went outside to put the garbage out and in the street right now is one of the squatters tweaker friends working on a truck and trailer in the street and I am just plain tired of this. I just called the police again to report this guy working on the car and they said they would come by because in the county I live in you cant work on cars in the street.

      Now I am just plain tired of this crap, they bring loads of trash around and do bad things. In the basement they are squatting there is no bath room or shower, which means they are using a bucket to go to the bathroom which means there is human waste being dumped somewhere on the property. Can someone please tell me if there is anything I can do about this! I am fed up!
      sadly this is nothing new for the police in my city! It is after all a very crime ridden city. I called the police about half an hour ago and asked them to call me when they come, but i have no heard anything back yet. this sucks

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