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July 14, 2011

Received a nasty email from my brother, what should I do next?

I am taking the time to respond to you in greater detail than xxx because what I have to say to you needs to be said. Additionally, your message to xxx indicated that you were also attempting to contact me at an email address I have committed to the SPAM black hole that it deserves. The email address I am now using to send this is also a SPAM address where any responses from you will go as well.
For starters, as a 42 year-old woman, you should already know that email harassment as yours, regardless of genetic familial links, is still harassment. Both xxx and I have advised you, verbally, and in writing, that we DO NOT wish to have any contact from you or your sadistic parents. Be advised that said warning is being issued AGAIN, by me, that I do NOT want to be contacted by you through ANY means, whether in person or by proxy or by written communications. My wife and I want NOTHING to do with you, PERIOD!
Now, since you still fail to comprehend the reasons for this, I will take the time to give you a brief explanation. I am doing this out of the same kindness I would show Armadillo Roadkill. I also hope that you just get a life! Sitting at home eating doughnuts and stalking xxx and me is not good use of your time.
Years ago you painted for me a “poor me” scenario in which xxx had allegedly mistreated you. Regretfully, I stood-up for you by wrongfully assuming that you were being truthful and that perhaps xxx had somehow become misguided. Conveniently, you left out many of the facts in your spat with xxx. I have always know you to be a manipulative; materialistic; self-centered; lying little bitch. In other words, a mirror image of our Mother. My hope was that you had grown out of it in your later years as a grown-up mother and wife. Boy was I wrong!
Over the years I have observed you summarily shit on people once they are of no use to you or when they discover who xxxxx really is. The last time you and I spoke, I made it very clear that I wanted nothing to do with your Mother or Father because of all the vile shit they put me through and the hell they created for me as well as xxx. You defended both of them to the point of telling me “..the xxx’s come as a package, you either accept all of us or not at all”. Remember that? I remember it as if it was yesterday. How dare you! How dare you diminish or deny the shit your psychotic Mother and Pedophile Father put me through! I pray that if there is a God, that both of them fry in the hell they deserve.
You have no clue as to the torture and shit those societal misfits put me through. Of course, you would not know or care to know, you were always the family SUCK-UP that could do no wrong. I hope that the inheritance you’re waiting on comes through for you, at least you’ll have a trailer you can move into when xxx wises up and dumps you like a bad habit.
In retrospect, xxx was wise in finding another woman because marriage to you and your psycho parents could not have been an easy thing for him. I wish xxx well and hope he is happy. Most of all, I wish your kids well and hope that once they get to see who you really are, that they haul-ass out the door and never look back. Your kids do not deserve a life like the one I was given by our parents.
Frankly, neither you nor your Mother, and especially your Father EVER gave a damn about me. All you ever did is TAKE, always TAKE. I’ve never forgotten how if it had not been for my wife and I, xxx and xxx would not have had much of a Christmas. I NEVER expected anything in return, but I also did not expect you to throw me under the bus as you did a few years ago with your “xxx package” diatribe.
Take some advice, have xxx find you a competent psychiatrist and get the help your Mother and Father should have received years ago. All of you are sick and in severe denial.
The price that I paid to spend years of my life in the xxx Asylum was far too great. I know I speak for xxx when I say that the sadism gene is alive and well in you and neither of us want to help you cause any more harm than you already have. If you feel the need to stalk someone, save it for your kids and stalk them like xx and I were. Your piece of shit Father used to stalk me as I walked to school in New Jersey, all while yelling obscenities at me, an eight year old boy. His piece of shit Brother xxx held me at knife-point in a stairwell at the projects because he did not like me, an innocent little boy. He claimed that I was just trash from a previous marriage. Yes xxx, you come from a lineage of some sick bastards and package deal or not, you can have them all. I do NOT forgive, nor can I forget. To do so would dishonor the memory of my grandparents who for years tried to protect me from your parents.
In closing, I will say this, I frequently check the xxx obituaries in the hope that someday I will see the names xxxxxxx
This is what my brother sent me… A total defamation of character…

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    June 22, 2011

    How do i calm my pony down?

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    Tomorrow I’m showing him, and I just found out that I’ve been to this place before. Last time I took him there, near our trailer was a group of girls jumping on a trampoline, which I find irresponsible on the kids part, if not the parents. This completely freaked my pony out, and I couldn’t calm him down when we got into the ring. We placed last in all our classes, and more importantly, he almost dumped me, and I was scared that he would end up hurting himself. While riding him, how can I calm him down?

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      December 30, 2010

      is this normal to feel this way? Is it normal for people to do this to eachother?

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      I can’t stand most people. I feel that they are nothing like me. I am so kind and giving. I give money to my family when they need it and I help friends when they are in the dumps. For example, i let my older friend 56 drive one of my cars because she needed a car or she was going to lose her job. I paid for some of her wedding. Then she stole my cool aid pitcher out of my house and some bread when I let you watch my dog while I was gone out of town sometimes.
      Can you believe it!! Then my sisters in NY lie to get my money. They say it’s for christmas for their kids for christmas but then they go out to eat with it and things. I feel like why, do I get treated this way. yes, I am feeling sorry for myself and I have every reason to. My mother lies to me to get my money tells me her loser boyfriend is out of the picture so i can buy her a trailer to live in because she can’t take care of herself then moves her in.
      my family never calls me. All the money I sent them from fl to ny all i get in text messages I am so mad!!! My real father doesnt’ call me and is mad at me for not taking him to my wedding when I got married but yet he never bothered w me.
      I feel like i get dumped on by everyone and shitted on. my husband sits around while I play the man of the house and take care of everything. I can’t remember the last time he took me to dinner on his money. My friend that I let her use my car that stole from me can you believe it!!! and says, oh, i dont’ hang out with you because you talk too much that is why i hang out with my other friend.

      but, she will come over with her husband

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