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August 4, 2011

In Law Trouble…Please help me….please?

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I will try to make this very LONG and difficult story short…

I have known my boyfriend and his family since I was 13 years old. I am 20 and he is 24. I have been dating my boyfriend for about 8-9 months and we basically have been living together. He lives with his mom still and has a two year old kid. He has been on his own before but moved back in with his mom to save money to buy a house and fight for custody of his kid. This choice was made before we got together and what not. The whole time that I have been staying in this house his mother has made me feel very unwelcome and like I’m a burden to her. She would get mad that the house was dirty so I would clean it… then after I would clean it she would be mad because she couldnt find nothing and I’m handling her things like I own them. She would gripe about watching my boyfriends kid and never having any freedom to do what she needs to do so I would take over as SOON as I got there and because I do this I’m trying to take away her time with her grandkid. I want to move away and to a town that is not even 1-15 min away and because of this I’m trying to seclude my boyfriend from his family. His mom will wake up in the morning and leave his 10 year old sister asleep in her room and not even ask me if I had anything to do that day before she just dumped her on me and says that I’m taking advantage of her and shitting on her constantly. I have bought her something for every holiday so far and have thanked her many times for letting stay there. His mom and his grandpa feel like they own him and that anytime they need him he needs to drop everything and run to them. Which he normally does. They have no respect for us as a couple and I dont think half the time he has the balls to stand up to them. His mom is always undermining me and my boyfriend when we are trying to parent his son and now I’m too the point where I cant stand her or his family. I want to move away and rent something just so we can be alone and LIVE. And because of this his whole family says that I’m controlling him and trying to seclude him and his kid. Me and my boyfriend have been at eachother nose because just the other day his mom went LEFT on him for like 4 hours about how she doesnt like me at all. So I have left and dont want to go back and my boyfriend is very persistent on the plan he has in his head, which is…… because his mom has a lot of land… we could get a cheap old trailer and live in it for a year… two at the most and save rent each month. (since living on her property would mean that we have not rent or water bill.. only electric) we could save K a month probably and after a year put a K deposit down a house. Well. His mom is very upset at this. It seems that no matter what I do or him its not good enough and that she just wants him to stay close to her and never leave and if he ever does its going to be my fault. (in her eyes)

oh yah. and we pay her bills because she doesnt have a job.
I agreed to live out ther one more year but I’m afraid they will try to whisper in his ear and then him try to convince me to stay permanently and use the saved money to build a house on her land.

I don’t know what to do. I love him and I trust him. But I can’t stand to be near his family (living on their property) and I’m damned if I do damned if I don’t. I will never be good enough for his family even though I love her son very much and adore his kid as if he were my own. Should I just settle and deal with it for sake of love or put my foot down?
The part I’m afraid of… is his family trying to manipulate him into thinking he should live out there permanentlyand them him try to convince me too. He cares too much of what they think and he always feels like he needs the reassurance of his grandpa for him to make some certain decisions and i dont know how to tell him that its an issue. I mean, I have but I dont think he gets it. Because he seems to think that his familys ISN’T controlling.
The part I’m afraid of… is his family trying to manipulate him into thinking he should live out there permanentlyand them him try to convince me too. He cares too much of what they think and he always feels like he needs the reassurance of his grandpa for him to make some certain decisions and i dont know how to tell him that its an issue. I mean, I have but I dont think he gets it. Because he seems to think that his familys ISN’T controlling.
also. its kinda hard for me to try to "step in" and be like "listen here woman.. this is how its gonna be." she is VERY stubborn and hard headed. She wont even listen to my boyfriend. Much less ME. And it just so happens that she has 2 sisters and a brother. When one person in THIS family is mad at you. They make sure the WHOLE family knows about it and is mad at you too. :0

what did I get myself into? lol

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    May 9, 2011

    Please Help. Dont know what to do…….?

    I am a 13 year old girl. Right after christmas, me and my mom, younger sister, and older sister moved to one of my mom`s friends`ranches and since then i have been miserable, and depressed. There is nobody my age around here within and hour of driving, so obviously i have no friends….. i had friends but they all dumped me when they got the chance. I am overweight, self consious, and am also homeschooled ( which i think im failing because nobody, especially my mom, will help me ) I have a younger brother but he moved in with my dad a long time ago which really made me depressed because thats basically all my dad wanted when my parents got divorced- my brother. I only see him about once a month, and even then he doesnt really pay any attention to me cuz there are 4 of us kids . He lives in the city where all my friends and family and the high school i have always wanted to go to are and a couple months ago, my older sister went with my dad supposedly for a week or so, but has been staying there ever since and she is planning on staying there permanantly. So ever since then i have been left alone with my little sister in the half renovated trailer we live in. my mom is never here. I want to live with my dad, but every time i bring it up, my mom won`t talk to me about it and i asked my dad and he practically told me flat out no, with the same response coming from my sister and brother also. I have also looked into boarding school, which would solve all our problems,except we don`t have any money and im not smart enough or athletic enough for a scholarship, my mom doesnt want to go to work, so we live off of child support and money from the government. I basically have nothing good in my life except the thought that in 5 years, i can move away from everyone. I am constantly thinking of ways out, suicide, and am also about to start cutting myself just out of sheer boredom.I also have been trying to starve myself, so i wont be so over weight, but lucky for me, i always end up quitting. i have never finished anything .And also all the stuff i used to love, reading, playing video games,my dogs, horses, hold no interest for me. I know this will sound bad, but lately i have also been watching porn. I dont know why. I don`t like it at all, but i can`t make myself stop. I also don`t think therapy would be an option, my mom probably wouldnt take me, and i live an hour up a mountain, with no access to anything like that
    I really want someones professional opinion
    Please help……

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      March 15, 2011

      Should I stay with my husband?

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      We’ve only been married for four months and in the time that we have been married i’ve discovered that he has no motivation to help me with anything around the house. when he gets home from work all he wants to do is lay around or have sex. i started to pay the bills and found out he has been paying them all very late and sometimes not at all. he is irresponsible. he tries to hide the bills from me. i was reading a bill one day and he grabbed it out of my hands and told me not to worry about it. so i tried to just let him take care of them and they just stack up and we get more and more notices and more and more debt. we live in a trailer that is a dump and if his credit doesn’t get better we’ll never be able to get a loan for a new house. Any extra money we get goes to our dogs. he’s obsessed with making them happy so he buys so much stuff for them that is not necessary. but we used to have two other dogs that were shot and my husband thinks it was his fault so i think thats why he is spoiling these dogs. and he is making ZERO effort to fix his credit, pay his bills, or help me around the house. We get in yelling screaming fights at least once every two weeks if not more where usually one or more things gets broken like a door or a window or the wind sheild to my car which he refuses to fix. My mom is my best friend and he won’t let me talk to her about our fights anymore because it makes him look bad. it’s so hard not to have anyone to talk to. i was diagnosed with depression when i was fourteen and have been doing a lot better until i married him. now my depression is taking over once again and it scares me. i’m only 19. he pushes me to my limits. but i love him. really and truly love him. but i know i can’t change him.

      sorry i know its long but i really need help.

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        March 1, 2011

        What can I do to get out of here?

        problem with mom. She is kicking me out again. I’m not sure what she is kicking me out for but she did get frustrated and angry about a lot of stuff . She said s a lot of stuff like me wanting to put the couch cushion covers in the washer, me not having a job, not doing things her way, dust in the house, I have 24 hours a day to do what I want, I don’t clean her house, dust causes respiratory problems, grandma thought she could bring me out here and I would change, she doesn’t have enough money for repairs, its costing her a lot in gas money to go to work, and other things. After a lot of being upset yesterday we took the trash to the dump and then she wanted to go to lunch where she offered to buy mine. I just sat in the car. When we got back she got angry and frustrated about the thing being off the vent in the bathroom. And that night she said something about me not going to move in with her into another place which somehow hurt (weird because I don’t like her). And also she used to clean her floorboards once a week to keep the dust out. She said a lot of ideas yesterday about what to do with this trailer-move out now, pay it off and rent it out for money to pay for rent on an apartment. I am feeling angry, hurt, and scared. I am a convicted felon. I can’t get a job. I live in a small town with no transportation, no grocery store, no dollar store, no library. I don’t want to be homeless here and I can’t think of a way to get out of town right now except for going to jail. (jail is in another town with more stuff) I also can’t rent an apartment partially due to being a convicted felon. I can’t get into a homeless shelter around here, I can’t stay with anybody, I can’t try to rent without money and transportation (and I don’t get along with people), I can’t get on a HUD waiting list, I can’t get housing through a mental health place, and I can’t get section 8. I am apologizing for writing this trying to be slightly nice. i am angry. Furthermore most of the time people don’t understand me. The only help most people have said is give my soul to Jesus or get a job. Now I am apologizing for the question I asked. Its written bad.

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