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February 1, 2012

What is the best site to find used semi's…tractor trailers…18 wheelers?

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I just got my CDL to help my brother out during an operation he needed to have. I truly enjoyed driving his dump trucks…but now am interested in becoming an owner operator…and was wanting to do some research on used prices of used semi’s. I’m not sure if they’re just called Tractor Trailers or Semi’s or what to search for? I guess I’m just looking for a good site like you would use for comparing and seeing what type of inventory is out there. I would prefer a used Pete…but not sure? Thanks!

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    August 30, 2011

    Turns in straight truck vs. tractor trailer?

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    Hi there. I have some experience driving tractor trailers and am going to a road test for a dump truck job tomorrow. Does anyone know the difference between controlling turns in a TT and turning in a straight truck? I would imagine I don’t have to allow for as much off-tracking (and that a straight truck is probably simpler), but figured I would ask. Thanks in advance.

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      June 4, 2011

      Real Estate – Are there any laws in place when a home builder charges a premium for a home lot(& it's not)?

      I purchased a home pre-construction 2.5 years ago and was charged a hefty premium for my "so-called" premium lot. (It overlooked a park on the property of a VA Hospital). Now that park has turned into a dumping ground for the hospital. Just a few yards from my back door are huge piles of dirt, construction equipment, and tractor trailers. How much was the builder supposed to disclose to me when selling me the lot? Are they required to find out if the view from the lot will remain the same?

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        March 21, 2011

        Ideas for Affordable Security Measures I can take at our new Truck Parking Yard? Chicago, IL?

        We have a Crack-Head problem in the industrial area where we park our trucks and we are moving down the street to a new yard that we will fence in and secure ourselves.

        We have 3 10-Ton (a.k.a. 6 Wheeler) dump trucks, 2 tractor trailers, 2 Dump Trailers, and a shed about the size of the dump box on the dump trucks.

        The Shed has heavy steel bars across the door with locks said to be "Crackhead Proof" when we purchased them from the ACE Hardware.

        Homeless, drug addicted, or just thieving people roam the neighborhood at night breaking in to anything they can find and going as far as to just cause mindless destruction of they break in somewhere and don’t find anything to steal.

        I’m in Chicago so it isn’t as if we can find another place to move to that doesn’t have thieving scum, the city is just crawling with them and small business owners city wide complain about the 11% sales tax topped off with the "Crackhead Tax" we all must pay.

        I am going to put razor wire along the chain link fence and I’m going to try and put motion detection flood lights in each corner.

        We will have a heavy chain and heavy padlock across the single gate.

        I am thinking about putting one of those fake security camera bubbles over the door to the shed… It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t work because even with video footage of the people trying to break in to our stuff, it isn’t as if the cops will ever find the person… They fade in to the streets like roaches in a kitchen when you turn on the lights.

        Can anyone think of anything else we should do to keep the crackheads out of our new parking space?
        We thought about getting a dog but the security dogs in the area keep getting shot by the crackheads and we don’t want a dog to die in our yard… Not to mention that it would most likely get out and run off before it got shot… LOL

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          February 10, 2011

          Anyone Know Anything About Sub-Contracting Tractor-Trailers to the US Postal Service?

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          I own trucks and though the 2 small, 10-ton dump trucks are working rather steady, I can’t seem to find work for my Tractor-Trailers. (2 of them)

          I have seen subcontractors hauling USPS Trailers down the highway and am looking to get a contract with the USPS to do this as well but for the life of me I can’t locate ANY information on this.

 has nothing.

          My emailed queries have led to nothing.

          When I go to the Post Office (The main one for Chicago), no one there has any idea what I’m talking about.

          Can ANYONE provide me with a direction to go in researching this??

          I am TRULY in need of this contract if I am to keep my company above water!!

          Thanks a TON for ANY information you can provide.

          Y!A is still experiencing the Link Problem and I can’t use your link!!

          I will Dogpile and try to find your group but if you see this… Can you please email me the link? I allow email through my profile…


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            December 29, 2010

            Are their any trucking companies that only (or mostly) use Tractor Trailers with automatic transmissions?

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            I would like to know if their are any trucking compainies that use tractor trailers that have automatic transmissions. If there are, I’d like to know so i know were to apply for a job at.

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